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I think a lot about how people are brought together and it’s always interesting to see how the lives of people are intertwined.  I think I have been very blessed to have some very unique creative sweet people in my life.  This is just highlighting four of them.  I don’t necessarily believe in soul mates in the traditional sense.  BUT I do believe that each of these beautiful women are my soul mates in some form or fashion.  I’m not sure that makes total sense, but what I’m trying to say is that each in a different way have breathed life into me and made my heart beat stronger, for which I’m truly grateful…

Macie~one of my oldest and dearest friends.  We met when we were in kindergarten and it was just fate we would be friends forever.  We went through elementary school together, the awkward jr. high years and high school.  Every time I go to my parent’s house and sleep in what used to be my old room, I think about how we used to pretend the mattress we slept on was a boat and we were in the middle of the ocean.  We were riding our bikes once and our handlebars got stuck together and we rode the whole way down the hill screaming and laughing.  We have lived a lot of life together.  Laughed together, cried together, been silly and serious, had many talks about “life”.  We grew in our relationship with Jesus together and because even stronger friends because of that.  Some of the qualities I admire most about her is her quiet sense of strength and persistence.  She was never the loud-mouthed one (that was usually me), but conveying her thoughts and feelings without so many words, and I think people listened more because of it.  She made me want to push myself, to do better, and to grow as a person…she still does this.

Shari~we met when I was a freshman at Texas Tech.  We both attended the same church and she was in the same Sunday school class I was.  It’s funny that we are friends actually.  I think that it just shows that when something is meant to be, it will BE.  We started hanging out and had mutual friends and our friendship just grew into something that continues to be such a positive thing in my life.  She is such a talented photographer, and the way she can capture a moment in time fascinates me.  I know that moments can’t really be relived, but looking at some of the pictures I have that she has taken brings back the memory so vividly it seems as if I’m almost there.  Shari seems wise beyond her years to me.  I know that I can call her about anything and everything (and I do) and she always brings it back to Jesus.  When I can’t seem to see things very clear she helps me see the bigger picture of things.

Megan~when I first met her I was star struck.  Here she was, an upper classmen, she did worship at the church I was going to, and I just thought she was so awesome.  I never imagined we would be the friends we are today.  Megan has shown me so many different things it’s hard to focus and get it all down in words.  She was vital in my getting through some of the worst days of my life.  When I felt like things were falling apart she was there breathing life into me.  She has helped me see the beauty in myself.  Seeing her live the way she does, so confident in the person she has become is so encouraging to me.  She is very talented in many ways, and we always talk about opening up a bakery one dayJ, which I think is a great idea.  I don’t get to see her near as often as I would like to and when I get to where I’m missing her more than I can stand I listen to her music which always makes me smile.  It’s like I’m getting to talk to her or something, weird I know;)

Deborah~we met in nursing school, in the library actually.  I ran over there from work, in a hurry and stressed out and was waiting for the whole library orientation thing to start.  I was not able to see any of my classes online at this point and this girl named Deborah offered to send me the syllabusJ Every time we study there I think about that, and even though it seemed to be a stressful day I am so grateful we were both there.  And as much as I hate nursing school I wouldn’t change it, because the friendship I’ve gained outweighs by far how awful I think school is.  I think Deborah met me at a real low point in my life.  I was/am a mess, and yet she stayed around, for which I cannot say enough I’m grateful.  I can’t count the amount of times I’ve stayed over at her house, talking endlessly about life and all it brings.  Deborah is the kind of friend that will come find you if she hasn’t heard from you…believe meJ She is much stronger than I am, and I think a natural leader.  I watch her and hope that I will be the nurse that she will be.  It’s funny to me that some of the funnest times we have together we are usually surrounded by some pretty grose things.  I can just look at Debs and she knows exactly what I’m thinking.


All this to say, I’m lucky, I have great friends in my life.   They make all of this craziness totally worth it.




Crazy Cat lady

Sometimes I think I’m going to end up being that crazy cat lady.  Lately I have had lots of little visitors coming around, as well as the child (cat) that I already have.  My sister and I used to joke about how we would be the scary older ladies ( I imagined we would have curlers in our silver grey hair) that had multiple cats and gave the neighborhood kids glares when they ran across our yard.  I think about the stories the “crazy cat lady” would have to tell.  I imagine she would have many stories of life gone by, adventures she had been on, broken hearts, and accomplishments she had achieved over her life.  She had once been young, vivacious, and risk-taking but level headed.  Maybe she traveled and floated in the dead sea…the maybes are endless.  It used to scare me to “end up” the crazy cat lady, but now I think I would be okay with it.  The possibilities are endless;)

People can label me whatever they choose, the label itself isn’t all that important, it’s the life I get to live a long the way and the “crazy cat lady” memories I get to create.

~enjoy the moment~


he's worn out from his hard life;)

Cherry 7up

Here goes the whole blogging thing.  Thanks Shari for the wordpress info:)

I see this as being somewhat sentimental, and a place that I can show pictures of my latest bakery creations, which makes me all the more excited to create them.

It’s funny how different things, like a song or cherry seven up can bring back a memory so vividly it feels as if just for a moment you are re-living it.  That’s how my mind works anyways.  I bought some cherry seven up today, and it reminded me of the fourth grade, of being wild and rambunctious, of saying crap because I thought it made me cool, lime salt, going to the candy room and hoping to be the 50th person so I would get my fifty cents back, of Mrs. Baker putting up with me, as I swear this was my craziest year of all, of playing the cars game and Oregon trail on computers that were just black and green.  I heard the song Knees to the Earth and it reminded me of China, of listening to Ashely’s ipod and being obsessed with that song, of being in the back of a taxi with the windows rolled down, hair blowing in the wind, sweat pouring down my face and being so filled with joy  I thought I might explode.   I’m full of memories.  I think about that often.  Am what I’m doing right now going to be something I look back and long to re-live, or will it be swept away with so many of my other life events.  I realize that I cannot remember everything, and if I did I might go crazy, but I want to.  I want to make good memories.  I want to live so much in the moment that I enjoy every little tiny detail right when it’s happening, not look back and realize how special that moment actually was.  So for now anyways I’m going to enjoy whatever comes my way, like the detours I have to take because I STILL get lost while driving, the spider webs and changing leaves, and even dreadful school, because I’ll blink and it’ll be gone~

~Happy Pumpkin Season~


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