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Cherry 7up

Here goes the whole blogging thing.  Thanks Shari for the wordpress info:)

I see this as being somewhat sentimental, and a place that I can show pictures of my latest bakery creations, which makes me all the more excited to create them.

It’s funny how different things, like a song or cherry seven up can bring back a memory so vividly it feels as if just for a moment you are re-living it.  That’s how my mind works anyways.  I bought some cherry seven up today, and it reminded me of the fourth grade, of being wild and rambunctious, of saying crap because I thought it made me cool, lime salt, going to the candy room and hoping to be the 50th person so I would get my fifty cents back, of Mrs. Baker putting up with me, as I swear this was my craziest year of all, of playing the cars game and Oregon trail on computers that were just black and green.  I heard the song Knees to the Earth and it reminded me of China, of listening to Ashely’s ipod and being obsessed with that song, of being in the back of a taxi with the windows rolled down, hair blowing in the wind, sweat pouring down my face and being so filled with joy  I thought I might explode.   I’m full of memories.  I think about that often.  Am what I’m doing right now going to be something I look back and long to re-live, or will it be swept away with so many of my other life events.  I realize that I cannot remember everything, and if I did I might go crazy, but I want to.  I want to make good memories.  I want to live so much in the moment that I enjoy every little tiny detail right when it’s happening, not look back and realize how special that moment actually was.  So for now anyways I’m going to enjoy whatever comes my way, like the detours I have to take because I STILL get lost while driving, the spider webs and changing leaves, and even dreadful school, because I’ll blink and it’ll be gone~

~Happy Pumpkin Season~



Comments on: "Cherry 7up" (2)

  1. i love your new blog mindy! and i LOOOVE those pumpkins … so cute! you are really talented! 🙂 AND i love cherry 7up! i might have to have one today for old times sake.

  2. I had completely forgotten that song… thanks. 🙂

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