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Crazy Cat lady

Sometimes I think I’m going to end up being that crazy cat lady.  Lately I have had lots of little visitors coming around, as well as the child (cat) that I already have.  My sister and I used to joke about how we would be the scary older ladies ( I imagined we would have curlers in our silver grey hair) that had multiple cats and gave the neighborhood kids glares when they ran across our yard.  I think about the stories the “crazy cat lady” would have to tell.  I imagine she would have many stories of life gone by, adventures she had been on, broken hearts, and accomplishments she had achieved over her life.  She had once been young, vivacious, and risk-taking but level headed.  Maybe she traveled and floated in the dead sea…the maybes are endless.  It used to scare me to “end up” the crazy cat lady, but now I think I would be okay with it.  The possibilities are endless;)

People can label me whatever they choose, the label itself isn’t all that important, it’s the life I get to live a long the way and the “crazy cat lady” memories I get to create.

~enjoy the moment~


he's worn out from his hard life;)

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