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~One of my favorite things EVER is to spend time “studying” coffee shops in the area.  I have a favorite one I go to and I’m not sure exactly what is so appealing about the whole experience, it’s just, well nice.  People are so interesting to watch, some are so focused on whatever they are reading, writing or typing.  Some seem to be having important life conversations, (or at least that is what I imagine in my head.)  I also pretend that I’m in some different place, today it’s Seattle, and that I’m working on some project, maybe a book or a newspaper article…not reading mental health or studying for a management test.  The weather today is perfect imagination weather…a little cooler than it has been, cloudy and kinda hazy, like creation is trying to tell us to all slow down a bit.  It’s like I get to live in a perfect fairytale for a little while and it’s refreshing.  I think a lot about life, and love, and people, and everything going on around me…all these things falling into place like leaves falling from a tree in Autumn.  So as the different notes from whatever song I’m listening to bounce around in my head and the coffee warms my body and my soul, I will enjoy this moment~



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