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~an ending leading to a new beginning~

I am so lucky.  I have worked with some really amazing people in the Southwest Cancer center over the past nearly three years.  Today was my last day, and it was bitter-sweet.  I am so excited about my future, but I am sad to leave such a great place.  My sister is super sneaky and planned a going away lunch and it was so much fun:)

My awesome cake

My sister got everyone to sign an apron, which I thought was really neat

The best boss ever!

Crazy infusion peeps:)


Clinic nurses

Sister who put it all together:)

Love you all!

Thank you for all the great memories over the past few years and for helping me become the nurse I am today.  Sad to see things end, but excited for a new beginning:)



~double take~

I love that look I get from people where I know they are thinking, “who arrre you?”

I don’t blame them though…me in high school

me now…

a little different I would say:)


~don’t blink too fast~

It’s like everyone always says but I never really believe, ” You will blink and it will be over.”…nursing school that is.

I remember the exact moment I found out I had been accepted in the Texas Tech nursing program.  I was working back in the infusion area at the cancer center and knew I should be finding out soon.  I checked my email and much to my delight I had an email letter of acceptance.  Boy, I don’t think I realized how much this would change my life.  I was excited/scared/freaked out/soo happy/a million other emotions.

I remember orientation and the overwhelming feeling of, “What did I get myself into?”

 First day of nursing school:)

I remember studying almost 24/7 that first summer session and feeling overwhelmed at times.  I also remember though, meeting some of the nursing school peeps that would become what I hope to be life long friends.

I remember long long study nights/project nights/youtube video nights (ha).  For a real laugh, go here:


I remember clinical days to where I thought I would never ever finish, or really be able to be a real nurse, or know what I was doing.

BUT…I made it, and it really do feel like I blinked and it was over.  Most of the time I feel like this is a great thing;)…I just don’t want to blink too fast in the future.

Last clinical day!:)


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