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My mom, sister and I decorated cupcakes for Easter.  I thought they turned out cute:)

Then came an easter egg hunt…

Happy Happy Easter:)



Earth day…and to celebrate of course I thought I would bake something:)

What the earth would look like from outerspace…and if it was a cookie.  I always enjoy baking, and I thought they turned out pretty good.  It’s amazing how much an oven can heat a house and turn it into a sauna…especially when the air conditioner is turned off.

Another fun perk of Earth day was getting a free tree!  Lowes gave away one million free trees and I just couldn’t resist                                                                                 getting one to plant myself.

Since I don’t really have the means to plant a tree where I live I took it to my parent’s and planted it in a pot until it is a little bigger and better able to take the West Texas wind.

My dad and I planted them and along the way discovered a huge ant colony, a lizard and a really long slinky beautifully colored what I believe to be grass snake.  All in all, a good day!  I’ll try and post tree pics as it grows into something wonderful:)

“The tree which moves some to tears of joy is in the eyes of others only a green thing that stands in the way.  Some see Nature all ridicule and deformity, and some scarce see Nature at all.  But to the eyes of the man of imagination, Nature is Imagination itself.”
–  William Blake, 1799, The Letters


My red wigglers finally made it!

I got them from here https://unclejimswormfarm.com/

I’ve been anxiously waiting for them to get here and when I checked my mail I had a package that had two little worms on top…I’m sure my postman loves me, ha!

I’m trying to focus on the reduce part of the saying, “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”…and all these little red wigglers are helping me do just that.

They started perkin up after they got into their new very nutritious habitat.

It’s so fun to me that things like fruit peels, egg shells and old newspaper can be transformed into some really great compost:)

Happy Composting!


~keep it beautiful~

Keep it simple…

Keep it fresh…

The card reads, ” Wola Nani~ A Xhosa word meaning ‘We embrace and develop one another’ ~ is an NGO that was started in 1994 to help people from very poor communities within the Western Cape living with HIV and AIDS.  These products are the result of our efforts to re-instill a sense of worth, hope and economic empowerment.”

Keep the peace…

Made from an old record


~One of my favorite things EVER is to spend time “studying” coffee shops in the area.  I have a favorite one I go to and I’m not sure exactly what is so appealing about the whole experience, it’s just, well nice.  People are so interesting to watch, some are so focused on whatever they are reading, writing or typing.  Some seem to be having important life conversations, (or at least that is what I imagine in my head.)  I also pretend that I’m in some different place, today it’s Seattle, and that I’m working on some project, maybe a book or a newspaper article…not reading mental health or studying for a management test.  The weather today is perfect imagination weather…a little cooler than it has been, cloudy and kinda hazy, like creation is trying to tell us to all slow down a bit.  It’s like I get to live in a perfect fairytale for a little while and it’s refreshing.  I think a lot about life, and love, and people, and everything going on around me…all these things falling into place like leaves falling from a tree in Autumn.  So as the different notes from whatever song I’m listening to bounce around in my head and the coffee warms my body and my soul, I will enjoy this moment~


~drinking poison~

I heard a quote the other day that I cannot get out of my head…and it’s kinda driving me crazy. I’m sure there are different versions, but the one I heard goes like this…

“Hatred is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.”

Immediately I thought of an event in my life that I have been harboring hatred, anger and bitterness over for years.  It was almost as if that quote was said specifically for me.  And my thoughts since then have spread like wildfire.

Two tablespoons of oil can contaminate an entire ships water supply…and I think that is what hatred does.  It spreads through like cancer, literally ruining everything it comes in contact with.  It can be consuming…consuming and affecting every part of a person’s life.

When you are hurt by someone else, it is easy to justify those feelings of anger and hatred.  It’s a normal thing to get angry, and I don’t think anger itself is the problem.  It’s when, instead of moving on, we clench our fist around those feelings of injustice until our knuckles turn white.

I recently ran into someone that caused me a great deal of pain, contributed to one of the worst days, if not the worst day in my life.  It was so strange seeing this person.  Though it’s been a little over three years, it was as if time had somehow blinked me back.  I felt uncomfortable, and vulnerable, and transparent, almost as if he could see that my wound had suddenly burst back open with a whole new set of emotions and feelings.

This person, though our interaction was less than a minute, seemed happy.  This infuriated me.  I mean, how dare that be the case.  There should be feelings of remorse, or at the very least an unhappy life.  I mean, I had been the one left to carry this very heavy burden, so much hatred coursed through my veins, it’s as if my pores almost leaked of it, and here this person was, seemingly unaffected.

And that is where the quote comes in.  I had been holding onto all these feelings expecting it to hurt someone like I had been hurt.  Which, lets be honest, is never the case.  I was hurt yes, but by holding onto all of this hatred I was continuing to let it wound me and consume who I was.

That is also when I realized that there really isn’t ever a period at the end of some sentences.  Yes, people move on, and yes time makes some wounds easier to deal with…but those wounds are always there.

Has the different things that have happened to me made me a stronger person?  I like to think so.  Would I take away the pain and lesson I learned from this situation?  Absolutely.  Maybe someday I’ll reach the point of being one of those people that thinks every situation has made them “who they are”, but not yet.

I have realized though, that life is to short to hold onto and be weighed down by such anger.  Am I never going to have a bad thought about the whole situation? Doubtful.  But, instead of holding onto them, I’m learning to let them go, let them drift away, like a leaf caught up in the breeze.

It’s freeing, and makes life a whole lot more fun to live.

So with that I say, laugh and love, and be free and passionate, don’t become so preoccupied with those feelings of hate and bitterness that the person inside is buried too deep to get out.


Pineapple flowers

Sometimes you just need a flower, and it makes it even better if it’s a pineapple shaped like a flower…

My sister is awesome:)

Does it make me a nerd to notice though that it should be you’re instead of your on the card…;)

So enjoy life, and smell the roses…or in this case eat them:)


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